Everyone wants to go on a vacation from time to time; in today’s world it’s kind of necessary if you plan on holding onto your sanity in the upcoming years, but not every vacation is a pleasant one. Often times you’ll come home from your time away more exhausted than before you left, but when you compare it to these young siblings’ vacation story it might not seem as bad…
Twenty-three-year-old Connor Scott and his sister Sable decided to go out for a trip to beautiful Yellowstone. While out enjoying the wonders nature has to offer in that incredible section of land they decided to go a little bit away from the common trails. Instead they went through marked off territory with warning signs all around, probably assuming it was blocked for nothing serious. Eventually they came across a gorgeous little “hot spring”, and that’s when their nightmare truly began. Apparently the acidity in that little pool was more than any human was capable of handling without a specific suit, and Sable watched as her brother Connor began disintegrating right before her eyes.
Rangers weren’t able to locate the pool for a few hours, but even after they were a pretty severe light night storm kept them from making a rescue attempt. By the time the storm passed Scott’s body had broken down to the point where even recovering the body would be nearly impossible.

Unfortunately for the young adventurers those warning signs they chose to ignore were placed to keep things like this from happening, which is why no one else should ever ignore them. Be safe when you’re out in nature and know the risks before you go, that means doing a little studying on what you could come across – it could save your life.



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