There are certain stories that appear in the news that cannot be explained with anything other than three simple letters – WTF. Each time the shock wears off from the last incident a new one arises that just sends your mind for a loop, which seems to be exactly what this Florida man was aiming for. Kurt Jenkins (it would be a Jenkins) is a 56-year-old man from Boynton Beach, Florida who decided to go on a drive through the 100 block of Orange Drive. The only problem was that he decided to do so for sexual pleasure, so he stripped down to his birthday suit, attached some type of electronic male sex toy to his penis and hopped in his car.

While out on the road Jenkins didn’t do anything to keep the general public from noticing what he was up to, in fact he repeatedly pointed towards his groin whenever he noticed someone walking! What’s even worse he eventually came across a group of kids and did the exact same thing, he actually made a point to slow down to do it! With that in mind it’s fortunate someone was smart enough to call the police rather than let him continue, because there’s no telling when he would have stopped. The kicker is that the only reason the cops were called was because of one of the people he propositioned!
When the cops arrived Jenkins decided to attempt resisting arrest, still butt-naked; so unfortunately for the responding officers they had to deal with a naked guy and his Terminator penis. That brings the total charges brought against Jenkins to lewd and lascivious exhibition, genital exposure and resisting arrest, all just so he could get his rocks off. What type of porn do people watch that prompts this type of depravity? Just do it behind closed doors and there won’t be any issues!


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