Doing something kind typically means doing it without expecting anything in return. Nonetheless, it always feels nice when somebody goes out of their way to show their appreciation for a good deed.
Eight-year-old Gabi Mann began feeding the crows in her Seattle suburb simply because she liked the birds. As it turned out, they were very appreciative and showed it in the most remarkable way!

When Gabi Mann started feeding the crows in her Seattle neighborhood, she just did it because she liked seeing the birds around and wanted to be nice to them. But, as it turns out, they appreciated the gesture and decided to show it!
The crows began to leave small trinkets as a way to “pay” for their food. Gabi hadn’t expected to get anything in return for feeding them, so the tokens of their appreciation were surprising but welcome!
Gabi and the birds developed a routine where she would leave nuts out in the yard for them before she went to school. When she would check back in the evenings, the nuts would be eaten and there would be gifts waiting for her!
She decided to save the crows’ presents, and before too long her collection really started to grow. Gabi’s mom helped her organize the odds and ends, which included things like pieces of glass, marbles, and buttons!
Her favorite piece that the birds left for her is a heart-shaped pearl. She sees the gift as a symbol of the loving relationship that she and the birds have established!
It’s a truly remarkable system they’ve worked out, and neither Gabi nor the crows have any intention of ending their arrangement any time soon! 
Wow! We knew that crows were smart birds, but the idea that they would want to pay Gabi back for her kindness is pretty mind-blowing.
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