That's embarrassing: Nicole recalled how Jimmy met her wearing a baseball cap and sweat and didn't talk

Nicole Kidman left chat show host Jimmy Fallon blushing on Tuesday night as she revealed he blew his chance to date her.

The 47-year-old actress appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon to promote her upcoming family movie Paddington and 40-year-old Jimmy reminded her that they've met before.

'Oh, I remember,' Nicole said as she encouraged Jimmy to tell his version of their first encounter.

Jimmy recalled how a mutual friend was in New York City with Nicole and offered to bring her to his apartment on short notice.

The Saturday Night Live veteran said he scrambled to a deli to pick up some cheese and crackers for the Hollywood star.

'I liked you,' Nicole interjected.

'What?', Jimmy responded.

Nicole explained that she was single at the time and romantically interested in the comedian after her split from Tom Cruise but before dating her husband Keith Urban.

'Wait. What? What are you talking about?' asked a clearly flustered Jimmy.

'I can't believe I dated Nicole Kidman,' he said later.

'You didn't,' she replied.

The actress showed a clip of her new live-action with animation comedy Paddington in which she plays the villainous Millicent Clyde.

She also played a new game called Box Of Lies that consisted of each one opening a box and either telling the truth or a lie about its contents as the other guessed whether it was fact or fiction. Nicole easily won.

Her new Paddington film opened in the UK in November and will be released in the US on January 16.

Nicole and Keith married in 2006 and have two children together and Jimmy has two children with his wife Nancy Juvonen.



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