Danvers High School in Massachusetts will forever have it’s reputation marred by this horrifying case involving a 24-year-old algebra teacher and her 14-year-old student, but not in the way you might be imagining. Generally with that type of preface people would assume an illicit affair was going on between the teacher and her student, but this is much more gruesome of a case than that.
Colleen Ritzer was teaching away when she is quoted to have said something involving Tennessee. Philip Chism, 14 at the time, heard this and got insulted having recently moved to Massachusetts from Tennessee himself. Reports indicate that he then excused himself from class while muttering to himself. A bit later on and after Chism had returned Ritzer excused herself to use the restroom. She wasn’t seen again until hours later, except she was dead, and her body was in a wooded area near the school. This disturbing footage shows what exactly happened when Ritzer left to use the bathroom that day – Chism followed her, raped her and murderer her. At 14-years-old. After that he decided to dump her body in a plastic bin and transported it outside, where he violated her with sticks and left a note saying, “I hate you all.”

Chism has since been charged and sentenced to life behind bars with a chance at parole after an initial 40 years, despite his lawyers best efforts to explain away the crimes with mental instability (thankfully). Even if he is crazy there are things you have to take responsibility for, and murder is definitely one of them. Judging from this footage and the trial itself it’s obvious Chism holds no remorse for what he’s done, so being behind bars sounds like the perfect place for him.



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