This is probably the coolest video I’ve seen all week!
The deep sea definitely holds many secrets. Secrets that we may never uncover. There are many creatures we’ve probably never seen our lives, while there are a few who show themselves unexpectedly—like this pod of 30-ton whales who showed themselves for a while in this epic video.
Just as Hawaii’s idyllic weather beckons to tourists around the world, the warm shallow waters (less than 600 feet) surrounding the main Hawaiian Islands are a favourite destination for humpback whales. And if you’re lucky, you might be able to spot one or two if you’re patient enough!

Fortunately for this guy, his drone captured something incredibly beautiful and rare. As he was paddling in the open sea, four 30-ton whales swam silently below him—a truly astonishing sight! Isn’t it just breath-taking?



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