Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
In the southern Vietnamese province of Tien Giang, 53-year-old Le Kim Khai, went to his estranged wife’s home—making it his last visit.
According to the reports, Le Kim Khai paid his family a visit, but was refused entry. Furious by the rejection, he found a handsaw and resorted to destroying the door’s lock and got inside. Once inside, he started throwing punches at his 55-year-old wife, Phan Thi Kim Chuong, while their two daughters tried to stop Khai.

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In her desperation, Chuong got a hold of Khai’s private parts—and started squeezing hard. Hearing screams from everyone involved, neighbours ran into the house, where they found Chuong sitting on her husband, his private area still grasped in her hand, while his face turned purple.
Neighbors urged Chuong to let go, and she did—after five minutes of crushing her husband’s testicles! By then Khai, whose testicles had been crushed for at least five minutes, had slipped into unconsciousness and was found to be dead on arrival at hospital.
Apparently, Khai choked on his own vomit while his testicles were being crushed. According to police reports, Khai has repeatedly abused Chuong and she grabbed onto his testicles just to subdue him.



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