A line builds outside the Betty Warmack Library. Twitter/Monica Hernandez

A polling location in Northern Texas faced delays on election day after the election judge was found dead in his home.
The Betty Warmack Library in Grand Prairie, Texas was expected to open polls at 7AM on Nov. 8, but had to stall when Judge Gary Cox did not arrive, according to Fox News.
An alternate judge arrived at 8AM to aid in the proceedings, but Cox still held the key to the machines and poll book, according to KHOU.
Poll workers had to manually verify voter information with the Dallas County Elections office until a second poll book arrived.
“We have petitioned the courts to extend the voting here for two hours after close because we did have voters that were in line and a lot of voters did leave because they had to go to work,” Dallas County Elections Administrator Toni Pippins-Poole explained.
Officials confirmed the library polls did not open until sometime after 9AM, following major voting delays. Poole later announced an extension was granted for the polling location, giving Precinct 4502 residents the opportunity to vote until 9PM.
Dallas County elections administrator Toni Pippins Poole told KHOU Cox was usually very reliable, and requested a safety check when he was informed the judge did not arrive to the polls.
Officials responding to the call found the long-time judge dead in his apartment. His cause of death is believed to be natural causes, according to Dallas News.
Under the terms of the extension, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said ballots cast after 7 p.m. are provisional pending further review of statute and judicial authority.
Sources: Fox NewsKHOUDallas News / Photo Credit: Twitter/Monica Hernandez


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