There’s never any telling what someone is capable of just by looking at them; if you push their buttons enough they’ll likely wind up snapping, and the consequences then aren’t always pretty. We’ve seen some funny moments come from those situations and some absolutely horrific ones, but in the end they all point to the fact that bullying can ruin someone’s life. It may not happen right away but eventually it’s likely to happen if the bullying is severe enough or goes on for a long time. Fortunately it’s becoming less of an issue as time goes on, but for now we just have to stick up for ourselves from time to time.

This guy had been bullied by the same guy for years before this incident took place, but he wasn’t going to let it go any longer. What looks to be a night of fun and heavy drinking turns sour when the bully said some things he shouldn’t have. Fed up and finally ready to retaliate, the guy stood up and held his ground until it got too heated. He lifted the bully up and flipped him before slamming him back down into the ground! The beating he gave him after that is one for the record books folks, see for yourself:

At least he knew when to get off, but he definitely got more than a few good hits in first (as he rightly should).



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