If you have ever been annoyed at the idiot behind you with his high-beams blaring, well there is now a way to get back at these inconsiderate jerks.
In China this seems to be a big problem and they have come up with a genius solution. They put freaky window decals on the backs of their car that are only visible when extreme light is blasted on them. The decals are such that they freak the hell out of the high-beamer! The images are of ghosts, spirits and monsters which originate from Eastern and Hollywood films. Of course such vigilante justice is frowned upon by the Chinese cops as they are actually ticketing drivers who use the freak-out decals. Apparently there are worries that accidents may be caused from the sight of a ghoul suddenly staring right at you!

Apparenlty they’re selling like hotcakes at rather inexpensive prices; between $3 – $18 here.


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