Thanks to this professor, she gets to study and take care of her baby at the same time.
Becoming a parent, at any age, can be a life-altering experience. When school-aged students become parents, the new responsibilities can be overwhelming. For teenage parents who lack support from their own parents, this experience can be even more daunting as they seek support in adult-oriented systems, which even older parents may find challenging.
In Sarah Thompson’s case, she thought that she would have to stop going to school in the meantime and take care of her newborn baby. But her South Carolina Professor, Josie Ryan, thinks this shouldn’t be the case. Josie believes Sarah should continue studying to have a better future for her family.
Thompson shared the story on Facebook, and it quickly went viral. “She knew I’d be overwhelmed so literally begged me to bring Isaiah to class, and even showed me where the breastfeeding room in the health center was,” said Thompson of the teacher’s kind act.


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