I can feel the pain in his scream!
Brazil’s capital city Rio is known as a hotbed of drugs, corruption and murder thanks to a bankrupt government unable to exert enough police pressure. As a matter of fact, the recent Olympic Games in Rio prompted many young thieves to steal from the pour-in of tourists as seen in this video:

Though there are adults and young adults involved in the prevalent thieving, sadly, there are more children who roam the streets and try to take from others. They definitely deserve punishment, but not as brutal as in this video, wherein a young boy’s fingers were crushed as a group of unknown people slam his hands with a car door.

Apparently, the young boy was caught stealing, and the group of adults decided this was the best way to ‘punish’ him. Instead of calling the police, they decided to handle matters on their own. The boy can be heard pleading, before somebody suddenly closed the door.
He screams in pain and begs for them to open the door. When they finally open the door and release him, the barefoot youngster runs off while wailing in pain.
The distressing clip has been watched thousands of times after it emerged on video-sharing site LiveLeak in the last couple of days.



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