He lost an eye after being attacked by humans, but he definitely has a forgiving heart!
Millions of stray dogs and cats die in the streets every day. With no human to care for them, they are forced to scavenge from trash bins, while people shoo them away by hurting them. While many families want to adopt these animals into their homes, there are some humans who choose to play dangerous tricks on them.
In the previous years, there have been numerous reports wherein humans light up firecrackers and put them inside a dog’s mouth, just to see what happens. This was a similar case to that of a friendly cat named Sir Thomas Trueheart, also known as Tommy, who lost his eye after being attacked with acid.

One of his eyes melted after the attack, and was forced to walk the streets in pain. He drifted for days in anguish until he managed to find the kind people who were feeding him. They brought him to a vet who treated his wounds, put him on pain meds and sent him to a surgical specialist to get a skin graft. Now he’s healing in a loving Lifetime Care Foster home.
Despite being treated badly by his attackers, he seems to be friendly to other humans—especially those who rescued and helped him. Watch the heartwarming video below:



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