No one wants to be robbed, but what’s worse is when someone is just sitting at work when a robber comes along. Half the people of the world can’t stand the job they’re stuck at anyways, so it’s just making a bad thing worse. Not only do they now have to worry about losing a job, then more than likely considering the loss of their own life. No one should ever just be going about their own business and end up forced to reckon with their own demise, but it’s an unfortunate circumstance that does tend to happen more often than we’d like. Even if you’re not armed there’s plenty you could do to take back that situation to make it your own, all you need is a little courage!

This poor woman was minding her business for a long day at work when out of nowhere a hooded man came into her office. Almost immediately the guy goes for the attack, repeatedly punching her in the face and pulling her hair – but she wasn’t going down without a fight! Throughout the guy’s entire onslaught of swings she manages to throw in a few of her own, eventually escaping his grasp and finding help.

Luckily the robber didn’t appear to be armed with anything more than a club(?) or that situation could have ended much worse. Regardless, it took a hell of a lot of courage for her to stand up to that like and it ultimately saved her workplace a crapload of money. This is how you stand in the face of adversity!



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