There are certain instances where a bouncer is absolutely necessary to keep the peace in a place where people are drinking, but there are definitely places where that just shouldn’t be the case. There are even times during the day when it’s viewed as more trashy than if it were at night, which is why it’s absolutely mind boggling why this situation would ever arise in the first place. This couple of guys had apparently been enjoying their day a bit too heartily when seemingly out of nowhere they pick a fight with a bouncer. Keep in mind this is the middle of the day at a bar in Dublin, but there’s no excuse for these tantrums.
To instigate a physical altercation rather than the ongoing verbal one, the more “bro” looking guy walks up and shoves the bouncer who does his best to just back away. It quickly becomes apparent to the guy working that he won’t be able to avoid fighting back because the guys just keep going after him, so he fights back. With one punch the larger guy falls to the floor, but the other is a bit more resilient and kept his feet. The big guy eventually gets back up so the bouncer knocks him out again!

This is why you shouldn’t ever pick fights when you’re drunk, you always end up looking like an idiot in the end. Hopefully that bigger guy got some medical attention because it definitely looks like he got a concussion from that one. A double knockout? Oh yeah, get that sh** checked!


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