The risk you take protesting on busy streets and highways can be very serious. In other words, the very obvious, may very well happen. You could get hit by a car. Black Lives Matter protesters and rioters may or may not have been aware about how serious this risk is, but they have indeed been hit numerous times while trying to block moving cars. Someone put together a compilation of various protests where people have been seriously hit by cars while trying to block them from proceeding.
Blocking a roadway is a crime under Tennessee law, yet protesters from Black Lives Matters were allowed to block an entire bridge for some reason.

There were even people trying to take their kids to the hospital and couldn’t get there because they were stuck on the bridge. An ambulance had to actually be called to get them there! Then the ambulance had to go on the wrong side of the road to get the kid to the hospital. What a mess.
You can imagine the frustration with first responders when they are trying to do their life-saving jobs. One paramedic had the following to say afterwards:
“When you have someone in dire need of medical attention, I don’t know if there is a cause great enough to hinder someone from getting to the hospital to get medical care.”
Pretty right on, not to mention just plain common sense. Sad that not everyone seems to see it that way.


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