Black Friday is full of some of the best deals of the year, but because of that everyone and their mother is out shopping. There’s a ridiculous amount of people all attempting to get what they want so they can get out of there and every once in a while there’s a fight because of it. Now, in a proper civilised society you’d think this wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but as we all know people are f’ing crazy! We can barely go a single day without some type of tragedy in one country or another, so what makes anyone think we wouldn’t lose our minds when the things we want are finally affordable for a day?
Black Friday just wouldn’t be the same without a brawl taking place, and this time it just happens to be right in front of a JCPenny. There’s no telling what started the fight to begin with, but once two people start going at it more jump in until an entire crowd has gathered. Whether it was from a sale or someone talking a little too much trash is is unknown, but this is what happened:

Just one year I want to see a Black Friday that didn’t turn into some type of debacle, but judging from what we’ve seen so far it seems like a pipe dream.



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