There are more than a few times in a parent’s life when their babies can drive them to an edge, but most people deal it by having someone else watch the kid for a little while while they cool down. It’s just one of those deals with parenting, and the younger the kid the harder it can be to deal with. You can’t ask a toddler what’s wrong or why they’ve been crying for seventeen hours nonstop, you’ve just got to check every possibility and even then you might not find a solution. Sometimes they just want to cry their lungs out and you’re stuck with the noise, its maddeningly frustrating! But not everyone feels the same way, some people feel justified in taking out their frustrations on the kid.
This “mother” from Almaty, Kazakhstan was filmed repeatedly smacking her baby across the face by her 8-year-old daughter, but the reason she was hitting the child was for crying… as if that was going to solve anything. It doesn’t even make sense to hit a child for crying because pain would MAKE a kid cry, so that woman must have been so angry she lost her mental faculties. Warning, the video you’re about to watch is incredibly hard to get through in it’s entirety.

It’s as yet unknown whether or not the woman will face any charges, but the one thing that is certain is that child wasn’t under proper care during that time and there’s no telling if this is a common occurrence or not. We can’t tell whether or not that baby is in harms way, so hopefully the investigation uncovers something. This is just sickening.



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