This is a warning for parents and expecting parents out there.
Babies, especially toddlers, love to put things inside their mouth. Because of this, parents are advised to keep children away from small objects as it poses a great deal of danger to the little ones. Unfortunately, there are times when parents do not notice children putting something in their mouth, resulting to the death of the latter. There have been many cases wherein children accidentally swallow things without their parents noticing it—that is why parents should watch their children at all times.

Baby Rhea was one of those unfortunate children who died after swallowing something too big for their airway. According to the report, Rhea’s grandmother was looking after her while her mother took time to sleep. Since Rhea was in her stroller, the grandmother never thought she would be able to reach anything. The grandmother also didn’t notice a bottle cap of a 1-liter Sprite bottle near the stroller.
When she heard the baby cry, the mother woke up and rushed out of the room. That was when both adults realized Rhea had swallowed something and was having a hard time breathing. They were able to pull the bottle cap out, but it was too late for Rhea. The bottle cap had blocked her airway for too long that she died due to lack of oxygen.
The mother said that baby Rhea Jane is her only child and that she was a great blessing for their family. She added that the infant was a joyful and energetic baby who gave happiness to their family.
Many netizens offered their prayers for the baby and her family and they also urged families, especially parents, to always monitor the actions of their babies.


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