Doctor Sandra Lee has earned herself quite the reputation in the popping communities across the globe as being one of the most professional doctors to work with when you’ve got some bump on your skin that needs to be drained, and it’s all thanks to the endless educational videos she releases. One of the newest ones to hit the net features a woman with an inflamed cyst popping out of her chest. Now, both men and women can enjoy the image of a pair of breasts but it can be hard to see the beauty of them with something like a cyst just glaring at you. She had to get it removed.

Not only does Doctor Lee perform the surgery quickly and efficiently, she explains exactly what’s going on and why so that everyone watching can understand what she’s dealing with. There’s nothing more terrifying to a person than when they don’t know what’s going on with their own bodies, so the explanations can definitely help out anyone else out there with an over sized bump they’re not sure of. It’s an odd world we live in where I can legitimately state I’m glad she’s able to keep making these videos, but at least it’s never boring.



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