For the average person a trip out to a casino is an absolute blast; you get to gamble and drink the night away in whatever games you feel you stand the best chance at winning, what’s not to love? You don’t have to be a mega-millionaire to enjoy it either, most slot machines are more inexpensive than the rest of the games and can be just as exhilarating, just ask Katrina Bookman. She decided one day to take a little trip up to the Resorts World Casino in New York for a bit of fun and get-away from life. While at the casino she decided to have a bit of fun with the slots, and that’s when she saw her whole world transform right before her very eyes.

n what is being called the “million dollar selfie” Katrina shared on social media an image of her beaming smile next to a slot screen stating she had just won almost $43 million! She was so in shock she almost couldn’t believe it, but she had already started planning what all she was going to do with the money. She would open a barbershop for her son, throw some money back into the community that had helped support her for so long among many other things. She wasn’t being greedy with these desires or selfish in any way, yet what happened next could only be described as just another day of life to her.

She was almost immediately escorted off the floor by the casino staff and was told to return the following day for a judgement. Judgement? It turns out they decided the machine was malfunctioning at the time and they feel the payout is unwarranted. Instead, they offered her a complimentary steak dinner. Wowee.

Was the machine malfunctioning because someone won, or because someone won something substantial? Regardless of the outcome of this case I can state with absolute certainty that any casino that would fight the winnings of a customer isn’t a casino I’ll ever plan on visiting. This just seems a little too shiesty. I will say that she has much more patience than I would have though in a situation like that… I’m not sure if I could keep my cool or not – could you?


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