It seems like more and more benefits are coming forward in regards to having a glass of wine. Well it looks like you can add “weight loss” to the list as now they are saying that wine before bed can actually help cut down the pounds!
Scientists from Washington State University and Harvard, state that the resveratrol in wine can stop fat cells in the body from gaining more fat!

They are saying that at least two glasses a day can fight obesity by a whopping 70%. Half a bottle of wine a night for weight loss? Apparently so, and the evening time is best due to the calories helping in keeping you full, thus reducing your urge to binge out on snacks at night, which so many fall victim to and their weight loss efforts are thus destroyed.
The University of Denmark actually found that people who drink everyday, end up having slimmer waistlines compared to those that don’t.
Meanwhile, Harvard’s weight gain study of 20,000 people showed that the ones who gained a ton of weight, none were drinkers.
Pretty amazing findings! Certainly eases up on any guilt you may have had regarding your late night wine drinking!
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