We hear it again and again: the gender gap between unfaithful spouses is closing as increasing numbers of married women admit to cheating on their husbands. Fidelity is a choice, no one is forced to cheat.
For Chinese men there’s no status symbol like a mistress, or two, or three, or four—but that does not mean it is okay with all the women involved. Many incidents involving infidelity surround China.
Some men openly cheat and have mistresses on the side as a status symbol. An affair might be a secret elsewhere, but Chinese men support multiple women, in part, to openly flaunt their wealth and social status.
But for this guy, this might be the end of his ‘cheating streak’, as his wife’s family raided the hotel room where he and his mistress were both staying. They were caught naked and red-handed, adding more rage to the family members, who immediately attacked the pair. Towards the end of the video, the man tries to cover up and protect his mistress—but it was all in vain.



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