With all the recent talk about allegations of sexual assault and harassment, some people must be wondering how the average woman would react to sexual advances from an unwanted individual.
A prime example recently came to us from a train in China, where a young woman finally let a man know exactly how she felt about his repeated stroking of her thigh as they sat next to each other, according to the U.K.’s Daily Mail.
The incident happened to be caught on cell phone video by a fellow passenger who witnessed everything.
After first shifting in her seat to make space between herself and the touchy man, who was studiously hiding his face behind a book or electronic reading device, the young woman stood up, snatched off the man’s hat and slapped him with it across the face to express her displeasure.

The woman also screamed at the man, no doubt letting everyone else on the train know about his perverted behavior and unwelcome touching, before angrily walking away to find somewhere else to sit.

This man thought he could touch this woman’s thigh with impunity, foolishly thinking he could hide his identity behind his book or device.
However, the woman had other ideas, and wasn’t about to let this unfamiliar man get away with touching her in an all-too-familiar manner.
Hopefully he was properly shamed by the other passengers on the train and maybe learned the lesson that it is unacceptable to touch a woman in certain areas or in a particular way if she is unwilling to allow it.
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