Remember the saying, “what goes around, comes around?” This video pretty much sums that up.
A boy who is overweight is getting beat up by a girl on the bus. He begs to be left alone. But she still smacks him and kicks him. Even other kids are asking the girl to stop beating the boy.
Finally, the boy can’t take anymore. He pushes the girl away, grabs her by the hair and places her in a chokehold while the girl tries to still beat on him. Now she’s totally subdued and clearly in a world of trouble. The girl bully has a brother who had done nothing up to this point to stop his sister, now is trying to throw punches at the boy, realizing that he’s so pissed that he could choke her out.
Finally he releases her from the chokehold and asks her, “You ok?”
Over 660,000 views have been garnered in only a day! Did the girl get what she deserved? According to many, including this mother, indeed she did: “I’m a mother and I say, u get what u asked for. If that was my daughter I’d say she deserved it. Mine knows better though.”
Check out the video and see if you agree.



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