She tested negative for alcohol but they charged her with DUI anyway.
Amanda Houghton was hit from behind in her vehicle by another motorist, so she called 911 for help—but she didn’t expect the responding police officer to do this.

Houghton was apparently in a mild state of shock after her car was totalled, and the police officer insisted she was drunk. A police report by officer G Schatzman indicates Amanda exhibited odd behavior and gave “short quick answers to questions and she was speaking rapidly. Amanda was unable to stand still and seemed to be making jerky movements,” when he came into contact with her.
After being falsely accused of DUI and placed in handcuffs, Schatzman began to grope his victim. In the video, we can clearly see Schatzman prodding at the innocent woman’s breasts.
Naturally, Houghton pulls away after being touched in that manner. But her ‘pulling away’ from the police officer was added to her offenses as ‘resisting arrest’.
The police department is standing behind their officer’s decision to grope Houghton too.



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