This is the best thing any child could give her/his parent.
This is the heart-warming moment a young woman left her stepfather in tears after asking him to legally adopt her as part of a big birthday surprise. In the video capturing the tear-jerking moment, the stepdad can be seen opening the box and pulling out the papers while surrounded by his family in their home.


As soon as he saw what was written on the paper, he broke into tears—it was something he wanted for years. Inside the envelope was a document that says he is not her legitimate father—now she is officially his daughter!
On YouTuber Jay Pages’ video, the description read: “My daughter’s adoption papers for my birthday! She’s finally and officially my daughter with my last name! This is the most amazing day of my life!”
“I raised my daughter since she was 1. She’s 18 and I just moved her into her dorm a few weeks ago. Hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” he replied to a comment on YouTube.
The video showing the big birthday surprise was posted to YouTube and has garnered more than 370,000 views.



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