BTW, the girl is safe.
Who doesn’t love a weekend getaway with your partner? If not everybody, lots of people enjoy going on trips and exploring the world with their loved ones. Like this adrenaline-loving pair who set off on a romantic date, diving in these clear and beautiful waters. But their date ends in a shocking twist that sparked outrage from netizens.

Screenshot from Youtube

In the video, the girl was about to jump when she suddenly changed her mind—but it was too late. To stop herself from falling, she tries to grab onto her boyfriend’s ankle. To everyone’s shock, the boy avoids his girlfriend’s desperate grasp, and lets her fall into the water.

Screenshot from Youtube

The video, which was posted on Reddit, sparked online debate regarding both person’s actions.

One user wrote: “Soooo dangerous. You gotta commit to the jump,” while another said: “Would have been safer to push her further out than try and stop her from falling.”
To which someone replied: “Well, he did neither actually. He took the leg away, so he wouldn’t get pulled with her and so gave her the worst fall possible.”

Screenshot from Youtube

But others criticized the girl for her jump, with one saying: “What a d******, she could have injured him.”
With someone else commenting: “and a unique special kind of stupid to try to grab someone elses limb when you’re going over that would have ended up dragging them over too.”



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