Natalia High School is in Natalia, Texas, and one of its junior year guys just broke the internet with a prom proposal. On this one nice day in April 2015, Luis Velasquez Jr. decided to surprise his long time friend, Tiffany Gay.
Tiffany has a rare genetic disorder that limits her speech and also suffers from chronic eating/ hunger. She’s very short as a result of her condition, and also suffers from scoliosis and diabetes.
You have to agree that this is unlike anything you could have ever expected, because it’s way more interesting and too awesome not to watch. Luis admits that he had no idea whether Tiffany would say yes or no, but he still threw the surprise as a show of appreciation for her friendship.
The video has gone to be viewed more than 6 million times since it was uploaded. Soon after the event, a GoFundMe drive was launched, targeting to rake in about $1,000 to fund Luiz and Tiffany’s prom night. To top up the surprise, $7,848 was contributed, and the excess funds will be used to fund Tiffany’s spinal surgery.
Check out this great clip and see how the surprise unveiled for Tiffany and how she reacted. It’s so heart-touching you just can’t live without hitting that SHARE button!



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