There’s nothing more frustrating than having a medical condition that doctors can’t explain or understand. When you’re ill and searching for a solution, hitting a dead end time and time again is as exhausting as it is scary.
After doctors were stumped by her strange rash, Calvina thought she had nowhere else to turn. The condition was making her life hell, and she desperately wanted answers. Luckily, she kept searching…

A decade ago, Calvina lived a normal life in her small Oklahoma town, but one chance incident turned her world upside down.
One day when she was mowing her lawn, she felt a bug of some sort bite her ankle. Then later that day, a dark itchy mark appeared on her arm.
The rash began to spread, and she went to numerous doctors who all told her different things: it was nerves, it was allergies, it was all in her head. They prescribed her drugs and medicated ointments, but they did nothing to curb her skin condition.
Soon the itchy dark bumps were everywhere on her body — except, thankfully, on her face. The itching kept Calvina awake at night and began to interfere with her ability to work. She didn’t just want a treatment — she wanted to know what was actually wrong with her. Still, though, the doctors were stumped.
When people out in public saw her rash, they treated her with suspicion, so Calvina began to isolate herself. She grew more depressed and more frustrated…

Finally, she agreed to appear on the television show The Doctors to draw attention to her strange condition and hopefully learn what was really wrong.
The show paid for her to see a number of specialists, and after a biopsy of one of the bumps, they were finally able to determine the problem. Calvina was suffering from two autoimmune diseases, urticarial vasculitis and hypothyroidism, which were exacerbating each other and causing the rash.

With a diagnosis, Calvina was finally able to start treatments that actually worked. After nearly ten years of suffering, she’s looking forward to a condition-free future!

Wow…it would be terrifying to have such an obtrusive ailment and not know what it is or how to get rid of it. Thank goodness Calvina finally got the answers and the treatments she needed!
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