Apparently, the other guests couldn’t sleep because of the noises the couple made.
Everyone enjoys a good rest in a hotel. But some of us have experienced that one neighbour who wouldn’t keep things down—may it be music or something else. But how far would you go to escape your neighbour’s noise? While some would rather go out, or simply plug their ears and listen to music—this guy decided to do something else!

Screenshot from Facebook/Shanghaiist

The incident occurred in the early morning hours of October 13th at a hotel in Beihai, Guangxi where a group of businessmen checked in for a night of good sleep before a meeting the next morning. But they couldn’t sleep due to their neighbor’s noise. Apparently, their neighbours were having an ‘intimate time’, and they were simply getting too loud.

Screenshot from Facebook/Shanghaiist

One of the businessmen, surnamed Zhang, got out of his own room and knocked on the couple’s door, while shouting at them to ‘keep things down’. The man inside, surnamed Lei, came out of the room and started shouting obscenities at Zhang. That was when things started to escalate.

Screenshot from Facebook/Shanghaiist

Zhang then dragged Lei out of the room and started beating him, eventually stripping the latter to the waist. The brawl was only stopped when local authorities arrived and got between the two men.

Screenshot from Facebook/Shanghaiist

In the end, Zhang admitted that he might have over-reacted to the situation and agreed to pay Lei 15,000 yuan for the damage he had caused.


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