Bullies come in all shapes and sizes these days but there will always be those who eventually get tired of their antics and stand up to them. Those are the moments people enjoy seeing the most, but the fact still remains that bullying continues to be an extreme problem among kids. Unfortunately there’s not a whole lot people can do about other people’s kids these days to the point where teachers are afraid to step in the middle of a dispute lest financial charges be filed. There’s a lot wrong with the whole system but things have to start with the kids themselves.

Bullies need to understand that this is no longer a day where they can run rampant and wild however they please, and the first step is for their victims to stand up for themselves. There’s an old belief that as long as you don’t throw the first punch you’re fine, but a bully can turn someone’s life into a living hell without the use of direct violence so that belief can be somewhat unfounded. However this smaller bully managed to pull it off, he successfully enraged a much larger student to the point where the kid couldn’t take it any longer and a fight broke out. Luckily the larger kid came more than prepared for a fight and took the bully out with a single heavy slam!

The teachers managed to get there before anything more serious happened but it looks as though the larger boy was satisfied with the slam he delivered and backed off. The bully, while definitely a little shaken, appears as though he didn’t suffer through anything too long-term as far as injuries go.



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