There are mountains of misinformation being leaked by WikiLeaks depending on which US presidential candidate you ask, but the fact of the matter is that they’ve never before published anything that has been a lie. According to Hillary it’s some devastating plot against her conspired by the Russians (haha), and according to Trump they’re the holy grail of reasons why voters should select him instead. He has been cited stating things like “Hillary is the founder of ISIS” and it actually turns out that he may not be too far off from the truth with that – surprisingly. Thanks to a series of leaked emails from WL we can plainly see that Hillary did in fact know about Saudi ties to ISIL which she admitted during an email chain with John Podesta.
This email directly proves the lies told by our “Democratic” presidential candidate to the media that she had no idea what was going on; another lie from the Hill camp? Noooo…
“… the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL…”
Granted, the rest of the email is about putting pressure on the Saudi governments to go against the ISIL message but the fact of the matter is that she lied, again. Again, and again and again her lies have come to light, but nothing happens. She continues along her merry way towards the presidency that is all but simply given to her (if it’s actually not) and the media is actively working to hide all her dirt. Wasn’t this supposed to be America, the land of equal opportunities? Apparently that only applies to us “lesser” folk.
Would you like to guess as to why this isn’t being reported as the issue it actually stands for? I’ll give you a couple hints: she owns a large portion of the media and, unsurprisingly, the Saudi’s have bragged about funding roughly 20% of her campaign costs alongside with Qatar. This is absolutely disgusting – even her husband didn’t even get away with less and he was ACTUALLY relevant at the time it happened. We’re not here to state that Trump is a better choice or that Hillary is, but the fact of the matter is that if she were an African American she would have been held for treason ages ago…


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