In today’s society, beauty is equated to having fair skin and a skinny body. If a woman considered to have incomparable beauty in the 16th century was transported to 2015, she would most likely not be called beautiful.

Photo instagram/melaniin.goddess

With the availability of plastic surgery and whitening products, more and more people are trying to achieve fairer skin—something people consider ‘beautiful’. For Senegalese model Khoudia Diop, being born to this society with charcoal black skin, growing up was definitely hard.

Photo instagram/melaniin.goddess

As a child, bullies came up with names to bring her down. “Darky”, “Daughter of the Night” and “Mother of Stars” are some of the other nicknames that she loves and has embraced. Though she had bullied most of her years, she remained strong and rose to fame with her beautiful dark skin.

Photo instagram/melaniin.goddess

Today, she is considered one of the most beautiful models in the world.


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