Sudden changes in our bodies is not something to be ignored. More often than not, the simplest symptoms indicate a deadly disease. One of the worst killers in the world is cancer. And the scarier part is that there is still no proven and tested cure for it. So the best ‘cure’ as of now is prevention.
One of the biggest causes of cancer is from ultraviolet exposure. It is no secret that many women (and men) love to get a little tan, especially during summer. Since most of us do not have time to go to the beach, having a short visit to a tanning salon would be the ‘better choice’. Jude was loved going to the salon and getting a tan from time to time. It was until she discovered a large pimple on her nose that she realised she should’ve loved her natural skin colour from the get-go.

She ‘popped’ the pimple, but it came back—larger than ever. She realized something was wrong and so she decided to give her doctor a visit. That was when her doctor told her that she has cancer. They told her that she has to have the pimple removed or she could ‘lose her entire face’.
She had her nose pimple checked—doctors tell her she has cancer_2
The ‘pimple’ left a large hole on her nose so they had to graft skin from her neck to cover the hole up. She wounds are completely healed now, but it’s no doubt that she’d stop going to the tanning salon.



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