When you have little children, you only want the best for them. You wish to see them grow and enjoy all that you can offer them. That dream can be a little challenging to realize if your child has some form of disability. However, if your child has a disability, you do not give up on them; in fact you become their source of inspiration.
You show them that there is always another way to live life fully. They learn from you to be creative, and they go ahead to show you amazing stuff that you never thought they would do.
That is what the mom in the video below did with her child who has cerebral palsy. She decided to spend quality time with her, showing her how to dance when the music starts playing. Isn’t it adorable to see the child enjoying the music with all her heart? This is the best thing a mother can do to her baby. Making her feel not left out, showing her that all is well and possible. That is one of those moments that let us know that our mothers are God-sent.
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