Kelonte Barefield was responsible of killing Jethro, a police dog, back in January 2016. Jethro was on duty with Canton Police Department at a grocery shop when he lost his life.
On the fateful day, Officer Ryan Davis and Jethro were looking for possible clues of how the Canton, OH, grocery store had been broken into.
During his sendoff day, lots of people were present to give the brave K-9 police dog a final farewell. It surely was a tough time for Davis as he had known Jethro since he was 8 weeks old, but was killed brutally at the age of three years old.
A case was filed and it took seven months since the shooting for justice to reign. The shooter was found guilty and sentenced for 45 years under custody.
Before the law, Kelonte Barefield was found responsible of many other charges including a separate burglary which earned him 6 years of imprisonment, a part of the 45 years all together.
After the justice was done, Eric Stanbro, an officer who is responsible of the Canton K-9 unit, revealed that he has gotten 2,000 letters. Actually, the Ohio State council of law is considering a sentence increment of those who are murderers of the K-9 officers.
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