Teen pulls out an M16 in Pakistani road rage incident
A road rage incident in Peshawar last week started to look like the U.S. after 16-year-old pulled out an M16 on a motorcyclist. While the crowd is having a fight, his dad pulled out a 9 millimeter hand gun, the driver have a white Toyota with government plate appears to have pulled behind the motorcyclist on the side of the road.
The driver and the guy on the motorcycle then got into an argument over who have the right of way to pass..
Which eventually turned into a fist fight, and at some point during the disagreement the driver pulled out a 9 millimeter hand gun while two teenage boys, one of them armed with an M16, also got out of the car. The boy fires up a few rounds but luckily no one was hit.
Bystanders then got between the two parties and defused the situation.
The motorcyclist filed a complaint with the authorities, it is believed that the man driving the car is a political official from the Karam tribal area.



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