So this rescuer is working in Goa, India, a place where so many animals have been dumped. The animals, especially cats, are so many and sometimes it’s hard to save them all. However, some animals are just very lucky, and this one surely was!
The rescuer was just going about her business when she heard some noise. Turns out, it’s a cat cry. The lady couldn’t just shrug it off, so she started searching around trying to locate the origin of the sound. It led her to this cute little feline, and that’s how the cat’s life changed!
When she found him, the cat was hungry and sick. He was weak, almost dying. The lady couldn’t leave the innocent creature out there to die so miserably, so she took it upon herself to save the life of an animal. She fed him and cared for him.  The cat was so grateful, even trying his best to thank the lady. Now you won’t believe it’s the same creature shown in the video!
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