Brazilian parents discovered their daughter was being molested by a priest after the 5 year old girl drew sketches of the incident. 

The Daily Mail reports that 54 year old Father Joao da Silva has admitted to the attack after the girl’s father confronted him via telephone, in the city of Montes Claros, Brazil.  
The unnamed 5 year old girl refused to attend any more of da Silva’s English classes, prompting her parents to take her to a child psychologist.  
The psychologist suspected sexual abuse, and urged the parents to check her room for any signs.  That’s when they stumbled upon the sketches that were hidden among her books.  

The sketches show what appears to be the abuse she suffered at the hands of da Joao.  One shows a man looming over a child in a bed, and another shows a girl lying in bed with a man forcing himself between her legs.  In both pictures the girl is either terrified or angry.  
Karine Maia of the Delegation for Stopping Crimes Against Women stated that they had found six drawings among the child’s belongings.  
Da Joao is currently being held in custody over child abuse allegations.  
This story comes on the heels of a story earlier this year where a well-known Brazilian priest who hung himself in his jail cell while facing child molestation charges.  
According to Patheos, Bonifacio Buzzi was in jail following an arrest for allegedly molesting two young boys.  The priest had previously spent time in prison for child molestation, and hung himself before his new trial began.  
Sources: Daily MailPatheos / Photo Credit: CEN via Daily Mail


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