Archdale Trinity Middle School in Randolph County, North Carolina has come under fire recently after thirteen-year-old Skylar Stacey was sent home bloody and bruised which they attested to him “falling.” When the boy’s stepmother Jennifer Strickland-Stacy, saw the condition he was in she was absolutely livid, and knew the real reason why her son looked the way he did immediately. He was being bullied. For some reason the school decided to attempt covering up the fact that a kid in their charge was being bullied to the point of physical violence, which is an absolutely terrifying thought to a parent. Could you imagine even being in the same situation as Jennifer right there?
According to her the first incident like this occurred when another student poured water all over him and things progressed from there:
“The second incident, he took my son’s cell phone. The third incident, he spit in his face and shoved him. The fourth incident is when he repeatedly smacked my son in his face.”
It turns out that bully had shoved her son to the pavement, he hadn’t fallen at all. Being no stranger to kids bullying others she had previously attempted contacting the school to rectify the situation and was told they would handle it, only to continually see her son suffer through the same abuse time and again. At one point the bullied was kicked off of the bus for a few days, but he returned shortly after and continued torturing Skylar.



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