Oncology Nurse Cynthia heard her patient and his family were going to be homeless. So, she took matters into her own hands. Her patient Basil’s condition weighed heavily on her heart as he not already had a brain tumor, but was soon being kicked out of his home, along with his family.
His mother was long in search for a job, but employment was scarce, and they didn’t know where to turn when the medical treatments couldn’t be covered for. Cynthia was their angel, seeking help wherever she could for them. She first found them temporary stay at a nearby hotel, completely free of charge. But when their temporary stay had been fulfilled, Cynthia contacted Fox5 Surprise Squad, and a surprise of a lifetime was just waiting to unfold.
One of the Surprise Squad Partners, United Nissan Sponsors, were touched with Basil’s story and offered them a new home to live in for 12 months. When they walked in the beautiful house, they each had their own personalized room, fully furnished, cozy, and ready for stay. Cynthia was so happy for the family and shared, “I always tell people to just hang on, to have that faith.”
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