Jackson Grubb was a loving nine-year-old who was full of life. He loved playing with cats, catching fish, and being active. Unfortunately, Jackson held a secret that was deeply tormenting him. Every day of his life, he was bullied by kids at his school and in his trailer park. When it got to be too much, he hung himself and died! The story of the young man in this video will bring you to tears but it is important to watch and spread the word to stop bullying!

Jackson did not have to die. This poor boy wanted friends so badly, he built a tree house to hopefully make some. When his sister found him dead in his room, the family’s entire world changed forever! No child should ever be faced with this degree of bullying in any form. It is important people realize words truly can hurt. If you would like to help raise awareness about the dangers of bullying, Please SHARE on Facebook.


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