She allegedly beat her 2-year-old then buried him alive. Now this Texas mother is bringing another child into the world.
While in custody, 20-year-old Meagan Work gave birth to a another boy. It will be up to State District Judge Darlene Byrne who will have to choose whether the child goes to a family member or gets placed in child care.
When she was arrested, she was already four months pregnant. Her previous son, Colton Brandt Turner, was found dead in the woods.
It was a friend who came forward, worried about where the baby was. The boyfriend of the woman, but not the biological father of the child, Michael Brandt Turner, was already booked in the San Saba County Jail, on different charges not related to this case. But he ended up taking law enforcement to the spot where he copped to burying the 2-year-old. The new child that the woman just gave birth to, is believed to be Turner’s child.
The stories that the mother had given authorities were all over the map. Everything from the child being kidnapped, to her giving the kid away at a restaurant, and then stating how he died in a motel room.
When the young boy was only 6-months-old, there were already four complaints received by the Texas Child Protective Services. Two of the four were never resolved as they couldn’t track down Colton at the time as she was homeless.
Then there was a witness who said he saw the mom slam the 2-year-old boy’s head up against a truck, and then saw her slapping and shaking him.

The family shared photos of the boy’s injuries on social media after he had died. Deep scratches can be seen, as well as bruises both to the back and the head.
The mother already had a criminal past regarding animal cruelty, as well as assault. She now was being charged for injury to a child in the boy’s death. Meanwhile, injury to a child by omission was the charge given to Turner.
No word on whether the mother was allowed time to spend with her newborn and whether the birth took place in the jail or at the hospital. Usually it is routine for Sheriffs to take mothers to hospitals for childbirth.
Here’s what the mother’s aunt had to say about the newborn child:
“In order to protect this child from undue duress surrounding this tragedy, we decline all requests for comment. Please understand that Colton’s Law will save and protect thousands of children per year in Texas from suffering the same fate as Colton.”
Apparently this is what Colton’s law entails according to the family:
“Colton’s law would mandate state law enforcement to step in to search in cases where the child cannot be located and is in danger.”
Currently the newborn is in state custody while the judge decides what will happen.

Sources: AmericanowFox7KVUE
Photo Credit: Facebook via Daily Mail


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