The baby showed signs of abuse and that the child had been stabbed more than a dozen times.
A Thai baby boy with 14 stab wounds was found buried in a field in the Wangyai district of Khon Kaen province in Thailand in February this year. 53-year-old Kachit Krongyut was shocked to discover a bloodied baby buried face down as she dug the ground after hearing a faint crying sound.
She told Bangkok coconuts: “At first, I thought someone had buried their pet alive, but then I saw a foot. I tried to control myself and called for help. The baby was buried with its face facing down.”
Her shocking discovery lead to the baby’s survival. According to Wangyai hospital the baby showed signs of abuse and that the child had been stabbed more than a dozen times.

Thankfully, the baby now appears to have made an almost complete recovery and has been photographed smiling and playing while dressed in a Buddhist robe.
In a society where teens are already sexually active and where couples refuse to have family planning before engaging in sexual activities, it is inevitable to have a high rate of unwanted pregnancies. An unintended pregnancy is a pregnancy that is mistimed, unplanned, or unwanted at the time of conception.
Because of this lingering problem in our society today, many children are left on the streets to work for themselves—and sadly, many babies are thrown away or killed for the mere reason that their parents cannot raise them. Despite countless movements against abortion, there are still people who continue doing it.
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