When a dog with tattoos all over it’s face surfaced on social media, there was immediate outrage.
The pictures were actually posted by the dog’s owner. It was a Brazilian lawyer named Fernanda Soares who first became shocked by them and started spreading the attention around.
It’s a bull terrier with an anchor, brass knuckles, and a diamond tatted on it’s nose. Then a pair of stars are tattooed right next to the eyes. Then for some reason the logo of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team is tatted on both the dog’s ears.

The owner of the dog is Emerson Damasceno who is a tattoo artist from Pocos de Caldas in Brazil. Once he realized he was going to become the subject of an online campaign against animal cruelty, he deleted the pictures. Why he wouldn’t have thought this was going to occur in the first place is hard to figure.
But Damasceno is supposedly claiming the tattoos were done so they would help protect the dog from cancer. Apparently his girlfriend backs that up, saying he tatted the dog up after a vet visit.
The vet school where they went, has since denied involvement and condemned the man’s actions. Experts have since come forward saying that no obvious benefits could be had from the tattooing as cancer protection, and that it could actually cause more problems.
Damasceno has now gone into hiding as he has deleted his Facebook and all other social media accounts, and there is pressure mounting for him to be charged with animal cruelty. But there is no word yet on whether police are, or will be, investigating this matter.


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