When we sleep, insects and creepy crawlies are free to attack our bodies without us even knowing. There are times when we discover bites once we wake up, without remembering how we got them the night before. But what this 12-year-old girl from India has living inside her ears will definitely creep you out!
This graphic video showing how 1000 giant ants are being pulled out of a girl’s ear in India is making rounds in the internet. Shreya Darji, from Deesa, in Gujarat, western India reveals that several ants crawl out from her ears daily. Strangely, she has not been experiencing pain from ant bites.
Dr Jawahar Talsania, 58, senior Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) surgeon, in Gujarat, said: “She doesn’t experience any kind of pain – despite the ants biting her – and no damage has been found to the eardrums.
“The family live a normal life and they have a healthy environment so we can’t even blame their living conditions. We’ve not seen anything like this in our medical history.”
What is even more baffling is that despite the efforts of many doctors in extracting the ants from her ear, they continue to breed. Shreya’s parents are hoping those will be the last of the ants breeding inside her ear.



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