There are times when a parent can be completely blind to the fact that their kid is a little a**hole, but what’s worse is when an outside observer witnesses the behavior in both parent and child. It’s at that point you realize that the fault lies with the parents entirely, but the kid also needs to learn a lesson before they’ll be able to move on as well. Schools attempt to discipline the kids with detention and suspension but for those of us that can remember school they were hardly a punishment. Detention kind of was, but you get to stay out of school for suspension which meant staying home while mom and dad went to work. Who would argue with that?

Well the schools weren’t there to do anything this time as a young white girl threw out racial slurs to an African American boy in the presence of her mother. The mother, instead of condemning the language, decided instead to defend her daughter’s rights of free speech. Naturally you and everyone out there has the right to say whatever you want, but you better be sure you’re ready for the consequences. Even still there’s nothing more infuriating than seeing a racist child’s ideals reinforced by their parents. Well, this mother decided to step up when another child was infuriated at the term and ended up getting knocked right down! Her daughter attempted to step up for her and was also knocked down pretty quick, but while this may feel better in a primal sense is this really the right way to solve this?

If we’re ever going to get along together long enough to survive whatever apocalypse is coming towards us first then we have got to start treating each other as human beings. This war between classes and races and sexes has done nothing but sever us all further apart, and there’s no telling how long it will take us to recover if things continue this way.



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