The husband deserves a beating, too!
Some say that to make a relationship work, couples need to communicate. When the communication breaks down, and then the passion and the intimacy disappears for whatever reason, then that’s when the trouble starts.

Husbands tend to have mistresses on the side, which leave wives devastated. Some men simply look for ‘adventure’ outside of their relationship—as long as they don’t get caught! This mistress had the unfortunate experience of being caught by her lover’s wife in Bangkok.
The wife came home to surprise her husband, when she caught her husband and his mistress naked in bed. In a furious fit, she sent the mistress out of their apartment—with no clothes on! Her husband gave the mistress a blanket to cover herself up, but his wife disagreed and told her to take the blanket off.
She was completely naked in the corridor, while she was crying and begging. The wife then threw out all of her belongings including her shoes, clothes, socks, and bag.



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