Boxing is a sport that has long been one of the most brutal and entertaining events you could get tickets to, and even after the introduction of MMA is still up there. The fact of the matter is that people enjoy seeing two fighters take to the ring to battle it out in a one-on-one for the title of champion… or for the knockouts. People enjoy those too. So when 3-0 welterweight Courtney Blocker was matched against 0-3 Dominic Goode, who had lost two of which by knockout, more than a few people got excited for all the wrong reasons.
It didn’t take long for Blocker to get past Goode’s guard to deliver an incredible right jab that staggered. Goode attempted to fall back to regain his composure but unfortunately he wasn’t quick enough about it and ended up taking a right hook to the same spot as the jab. He was hit with enough force that his body crumpled on itself in an instant – he was out like a baby right after eating. With that, Goode’s record fell to 0-4 with three of them being knockouts, you’d think he’d realize he wasn’t in the right career path at this point.

Since this match we’ve learned that Blocker now carries an awesome record of 5-0, so if he keeps it up we’ll be seeing more of him on the national, probably international, stages!



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